Himachal Pradesh general Knowledge Quiz -1


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Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Quiz 1

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The heads of 64 soldiers of Mandi state cremated by which Raja in retaliation of an act of burning Bijapur?

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Which of the following districts will not be covered under World Bank funded Integrated Development Project for Source Sustainability and Climate Resilient Rain-fed Agriculture?

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In 1929, ruler of Tharoch was given permanent title of Rana. Who was the ruler at that time?

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Which of the following Kings’ coins were found at Kanihara?

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'Charchian' and 'Parchod' has been adopted by which member parliament under ‘Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana’?

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The martyrdom day of first freedom fighter Wazir Ram Singh Pathania was observed as Veer Diwas. He launched the armed revolution against the British Rule in India in which year?

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'Chhatru Hydroelectricity Project' located in which district in Himachal Pradesh?

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Which of the following districts of Himachal Pradesh has lowest Population Density as per Census 2011?

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Who named Khajjiar as ‘Mini Switzerland’?

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Who is the writer of book ‘Temple of Himachal’?

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